Your new puppy has been on a vaccination program, supervised by my veterinarian.  Your new puppy will have a complete veterinarian health examination before shipment.  If shipping, a signed and dated list of your puppies vacination program will accompany your new pet along with a signed health certificate from our veterinarian. 

Every precaution has been taken to see that your new pet is healthy.  Please take this pet to your veterinarian within 48 hours of the time of sale to verify its health.  If your pet if found to be unsound, you may return it to the seller within 48 hours of the time of sale for a refund or replacement.  A written assessment SIGNED by your veterinarian must accompany your pet for refund or replacement to be made.  No guarantee will be made as to size, disposition, conformation or breeding capability.  The seller assumes no respnsibility for this pet if not returned within 48 hours of the time of sale.  Seller will not be liable for any expenses incurred concerning this pet.  This pet is represented only as stated in the above contract.  This contract supersedes all other contracts both verbal and/or written.  This pet is represented as pet quality.   All puppies that are tiny and/or not breed standard will be sold with limited registation.  Deposits are non refundable.
Your new pet has been eating Science Diet Puppy mixed with canned dog food.  Please continue to feed this to prevent stomach upset.  To change your pet's diet, do so gradually.  If your pet doesn't eat, vomits, has diarrhea or appears weak, contact your veterinarian immediately.  DON'T WAIT.

Sales Contract for Puppy


This Animal is Guaranteed As Follows:

It is understood that at the time of sale, this puppy is considered to be a representative of its breed and structurally and temperamentally suited as a show and/or obedience dog. This dog is guaranteed for 48 hours against any health or temperament irregularities and is recommend that the buyer have the puppy examined by a veterinarian during this time period. A full refund will be given for any puppy found unsatisfactory by veterinary exam.

No other guarantee is given except in the case of a hereditary defect which develops to the extent that it renders the dog unsuitable as a pet within 1 year from the date of sale. In this instance, difference between show and pet price will be refunded.

Seller agrees to replace the above named dog, with one of equal value, when available in the event this dog should have to be euthanized due to any inherited condition prior to 1 year of age.

If the above dog should develop any disorder, purchaser agrees to supply the breeder with copies of all medical information.

Buyer is under no obligation to breed this dog, but if buyer desires to breed, the buyer will make arrangements through a stud contract to ensure that any pet puppies produced will be placed with limited AKC registration and a spay/neuter requirement.

Buyer agrees to uphold the integrity and quality of this breed. Buyer agrees that no puppies produced from said dog will be sold to anyone associated with the puppy broker or puppy mill industry.  Doing so will result in surrendering dog back to breeder. 


Buyers Signature_________________________________________________________



Sellers Signature__________________________________________________________

Please click on the link below and print off puppy contract.  Sign and return. 

Puppy Contract